Season Two Table
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I'm desperate to get at least one more game with my veteran Dwarfs before I retire them at the end of this season so am up for GJP proposal.
I think Morglum's playing you on Saturday.

Also, Karras will be on his annual war gaming pilgrimage to Nottingham this weekend, so the final can't happen then. I'll ask Iridivus if he's there when would next suit and arrange with Karras.
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I'll be down Saturday (13th), I'll bring an Orc team if you want a team to punch out with your dwarves! Will have the Elves too in case of final.

You're no monster mister. You're just really dirty!
(09-07-2014, 10:38 PM)GJP Wrote: Cool.

I'll ask Col if he wants the 3rd place play-off or not. Other than that I'd suggest moving into the off season where anyone can play a friendly with anyone else, using any of the season 1 or 2 teams (except the two finalist until they finish their game) or any new teams that want to get ready for season 3.

Tbh I'm sick of the sight of those Goblins! I agree, go to off-season. Would like to try other another team - might be time to paint up my Flings...
Table on page 1 updated - season 2 is complete.
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