Round 1 battles!
Troop orders are in!

This confirms all the troop movements of every army general.

The battles to take place are as follows:
-SMERSH (darkarcher) vs Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb)
-Uncle Bill’s Tarapoopers (tenaciousb) vs Sun Rise Sush (morglum)
-Sun Rise Sush (morglum) vs The Desert Rats (biggreenj)
-The Desert Rats (biggreenj) vs Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell)
-Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs Rommel’s operation human shield (Reichmarschall Regan)
-Murica! Freedom Fighters (wolfie) vs Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor)
-Conglomerate of Africa (stephen padraig taylor) vs The Ruskies (Graham)
-Kampfgruppe Ehrfürchtig (Paulthemad) vs Varangian Guard (just4kix)

Please guys play them before 23rd August! and i just need confirmation of who is the winner.
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Grr... *shakes fists at roger* damn bloody finns trying to sneak in the back door while I goto give the nips a kickin.... we have your number!
Orkz is made fer' two fings! Fightin', and winnin'!

[Image: badmoonz.jpg]

"Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!"
See all this here.........this belongs to us. See all that over there...........that belongs to us as well lol
this is going into the final weekend of the round,

Paul and Dave have to rematch, bill and chris have to battle and steve and bill have to battle. is everyone up for this?
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Yep, playing both my games on sat

Bicycling for Britan Smile

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