Underacheivers 2 - 0 Talabheim Terminators
Underachievers (Mark) vs Talabheim Terminators (Dave)

Fittingly enough, it was a rotten day for Blood Bowl, heavy rain drowning the pitch. The loyal fanbase of both the Talabheim Terminators (Illithidd) and the Underachievers (Iridivus) turned out in force, with a crowd of 27,000 in the stadium. The Dark Elvs won the toss and elected to kick in the first half.

The match got off to a poor start for the Terminators as they fumbled the pickup, badly missing their injured Thrower. The Witch eEves were on fantastic form though, taking out three players in three turns (including the first casualty of the match) as the humans struggled to cage up. With such a great start, pride and overconfidence took over the coach (Mark), leading to more and more risky and aggressive maneuvers. On turn 4, the Terminators make a break for it, racing down the right flank, only to be punished as their Catcher was smashed into the sidelines, narrowly escaping injury but out of this play. The Terminators tried to recover, but one of their Blitzers floored himself running into an Underachieving Lineman. Spurred on by this, the Dark Elves hammer at the Humans, injuring another Lineman, and instead of scoring immediately elect to showboat, displaying their passing skills in even this torrential rain. The Terminators finally get their Blitz on, KO'ing the Dark Elf team Kicker. In the final turn of the half, the Underachievers hesitated at the end zone, electing to try for more carnage before claiming the lead. Alas, in an effort to get to a five on one smackdown on the Terminators star Blitzer, the UA #3 strains himself going for it, causing the ref's whistle to blow and ending the first half at a scoreless draw!

Half time oranges sucked all round saw both teams KO's back on their feet, and the teams lined up again. The Terminators kicked the ball high and deep as the Witch Elves punched yet another Lineman into the crowd - the sidelines saw a lot of business this match! Embarrassed at the half time score, yet still confident the Elves advanced, before the Terminators star Blitzer broke through the line and sacked the ball carrier, scattering the ball into the open, but they were unable to claim it. A nimble Elf recovered that ball and passed it to a Witch Elf, who broke through and ran straight for the line. The Terminators spun around, and tried to chase after her but were cruelly taken down at the start of the rush as with a failed dodge (rerolled) the advantage passed back to their opponents. Still unable to simply score, the Underachievers took the opportunity to inflict a crippling injury on one of the TT Linemen before spiking the ball in the centre of the end zone.

Hurrying to take the fight forward, the TTs took a quick snap, shuffling forward as the ball was kicked almost to their end zone, but this went tragically wrong as one of their Linemen threw a clothesline that took himself down as well as his target. Sensing weakness (and with a one man advantage), the Witch Elves sent another player into the loving arms of their fans, but once again he was rescued before the harm could be made permanent! Obviously, this threw the TTs off their stride as they fumbled the pickup again, though with a half cage formed. Laughing too hard, one of the UA linemen slams into a TT Blitzer and knocks himself down, creating an opening in the line! The ball is passed forward, but the rain caused it to slip past the fingers of the receiver (failed catch, even with a reroll). The Dark Elves were finally inspired by this, guarding the ball and killing a Lineman on the way. The TTs rally for one last dash, but the hero Blitzer fails to take down the Witch Elf standing over the ball, knocking himself on his back in the process. The UAs pick up the ball and launch it to a running Line Elf who scores the second touchdown of the game. With only seconds remaining, the Talabheim Terminators decide not to come back onto the field, preferring to get into a hot bath and deal with their many bruises. Underachievers take the game, 2 - 0..

The final tally was a healthy 5 injuries including one fatality for the Dark Elves, with a clean bill of health themselves. TTs took home 30k, UAs took away 70k. Both teams played fast and hard, going for glory and the flashy move. Alas, this played into the hands of the Elves in a scrappy but great fun game to end Group One.
You're no monster mister. You're just really dirty!
Nice review, sounds like an exciting game.

Congrats on winning the group - I've updated the table in the other post.
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Excellent lads, well fine getting group 1 finished. Just one more game to get played before post season.

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