BloodBowl ap!
At last!

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I'm in Smile
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Not getting great support from the community but certainly worth having a look at.
Community-schmoonity, I've downlaoded it and it's the same as the PC game, which has a couple of bugs itself anyway, but they're minor and the PC game community get along with it just fine - regular ongoing large online competitions in Europe, US, Australia etc.

I'm happy - I was planning on shelling out a few hundred quid on a laptop just to play the PC version, so I don't have to worry about that now. The ap is a couple of quid with just 2 teams, 4 others can be added at an extra cost, so it's not all the teams by any means (I'd imagine they'll be added if sales are good). Main thing is all those tablets users with no PC / laptop who wnat to play more BB (like me) can get a bunch of online games in against anyone else, participate in competitions, get more practice etc.

Anyone fancy an online game?
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I think you can play against PC players too, as long as they use one of the 6 races. For £3 it's a bargain.
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I'm finding it more enjoyable than the PC version actually I downloaded it as well I'm not liking the whole buy the App then buy the teams part I'd rather it was just 4.99 for the full game. Considering most of the more high quality games are either free with in game purchases or about 5 quid with none its a bit much to have you pay for the app then get you to pay for the teams. Still I suppose its an almost perfect port from the PC and even 10 quid for the PC game would be good and tbh I'm enjoying the touch screen interface better than the PC one which I gave up on pretty quick.

Played the campaign against humans dwarves and orcs no bother beat em all ran into skaven got hammered lol think I need some practice against quick teams. Having a bit of trouble getting my team back to 11 men though I lost a guy through injury and the next game I couldn't replace him with the 12th man been looking online and it seems to be a bug.
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Cool. I've played a good few games against the AI at the weekend while I was away - I like it, though I also had issues against Skaven!
Must sort some online games against LGCers.
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It's trivial to run a league on FUMBLL. Will run on tablets if they run Java, so not Android.
So after reading what you guys had said about it I've managed to go ahead and buy it for myself.
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Hey, would anyone suggest me some great site for playing online games?
(12-16-2016, 08:54 AM)VitorCaval Wrote: Hey, would anyone suggest me some great site for playing online games?


Are you talking about computer games generally, or gaming type ones, or BloodBowl specifically?

I'm not really a computer game player myself so can't help a lot, but if you clarify a little more, others will be better able to help. Also, we have a separate section of the forum specifically for computer games - you might have more luck in there.
Happy gaming!
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