Dystopian Doctrine 3 - 0 The Chimpions
The apes chose to receive, but a blitz on kickoff led to their first concession, and a perfect defence their second. The second half was a characteristic Chaos running maul to complete a fairly brutal, and comprehensive, victory.

The Pact caused 4 cas (two troll blocks, a Goblin foul - sent off of course - and a crowd push), and the apes caused one - I'd need Steve to confirm those and I'll cross check my notes, not totally sure.

Full match report to follow.
That's spot on Colin 4-1 on cas
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
Well done colmo for the victory and congratulations to one and all for getting the Regular Season completed!!!!

So we already know that the Jammy Dodgers play the Anlec Awesomes, add to that The Underachievers playing Dystopian Doctrine and that's the semi-final lineup complete.

At the other end The Terminators play The Chimpions and Athletico Loren play off against the Gromril for 5th-8th place.

Let's get it on guys!!!!!
5th - 8th place playoffs?

Sure, if you wanna! We'll call them unofficial friendlies to keep the worst teams busy while the good coaches play off for the title! Any team development earned sticks for those teams if they're being used again next season, but other than that its just for fun. Also, wouldn't last play last for the wooden spoon?

But hey, you've posted it now so we'll go ahead with the Captain Denaro Losers Shield!! Smile
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Didn't really think it through too much tbh. Sort of figured it would be like a bottom half semis with the losers playing off for The Wooden Spoon ?
It's important that less successful coaches, especially new ones, get as many games as possible to avoid top teams by good coaches pulling away in development terms. It also gives beaten-up teams a chance to rebuild. Of course, that can go wrong and end up worse, but that's Blood Bowl....

I was very distracted by studies this summer but am free now, and I've always enjoyed helping new coaches learn the game. If anyone wants me to sit in on friendlies and work on coaching skill, I'm happy to do so. Morglum especially enjoyed my ideas for synonomic team names (I'll not spoil the ones he has in mind...)!

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