LGC Blood Bowl Tournament. Saturday 30th August 2014
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Lisburn Gaming Club. Saturday 30th August.

3 games each in 1 day.

1 million team value starting teams. No extra stats or skills. Star players and inducements are allowed if you can afford them out of your 1 million gold, but you have to have 11 non-star-player regular players as a starting point before buying any star players. No mercenaries.

Resurrection tourney, ie injuries from each game do not carry on into the next game - you just go back to your starting roster for each new game.

9am registration
9:45 – 12:00 – first game
13:00 – 15:15 – second game
15:45 – 18:00 – last game

After each round, players will be ranked on performance, then top will play second, third will play fourth and so on.

3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. Ties will be decided firstly on touchdown difference, then casualty difference, then touchdowns scored, then casualties caused, then a coin toss.

That’s it – keep it simple!

EDIT - teams can be chosen from the 24 NAF approved ones, ie the original 19 plus Slann, Chaos Pact and Underworld


Apologies for the short notice – though I’d put the word out unofficially to some of you, it looked like my house move was going to clash with the date, but that now looks like it’s not happening until September, so I can go ahead and confirm the date now.

I want to start small, so the lack of notice might help keep the numbers small! I also want to start simple, hence the very basic, new-player-friendly set-up (ie a basic 1 million starter team with no whistles and bells). I do want to organise more BB tourneys in the future, so this is a test.

I’d actually like to finish earlier time-wise, but wanted to leave time for lunch and then a break. If players are ready to start rounds earlier, we’ll do that. The hard working LGC committee guys have to clear up after us and then get home. This is the last Sat of the summer when we can have the hall a bit later if we need it, hence me not pushing it back into Sept.

Should we happen to not get enough players to do a proper 3-games-each tournament, we’ll just have a mess about with a few games of BB for those who want to play.

I will ask the NAF (the BB tourney organising body) if they can provide some small prizes to help support BB in this part of the world – I’ve spoken to them before and they’re up for it, but it may be too late given the late confirmation of the date.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something or got something wrong, so feel free to ask questions / share suggestions.

Please post below if you intend to attend.

Thank you.
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I'm in greenskins all the way
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I'm in. I'll have to have a think which team to use.

If anyone want to borrow on of my many teams for the day lettuce know.
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Count my Dwarfs in.
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the pic for the event
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Love the poster Wolfie. Are you interested yourself? Reroll - what team are you going with? Wood Elves or Humans? Also, is there an entrance fee?
Sorry Wolfie, that pic is so good I had to steal it and put it at the top - many thanks.

Captain Denaro - don't think I'll be playing. Fee - probably just the normal LGC attendance charge, I don't want to put anyone off with cost as I just want to keep it small and simple as practice because it's my first one (but hopefully it will then grow!)
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If I knew the rules and had a team I would okay in it but I dont
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(08-16-2014, 05:19 AM)wolfie Wrote: If I knew the rules and had a team I would okay in it but I dont

If that's the only thing stopping you we can sort that easy enough.
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Aye, when has not knowing the rules to a game stopped you before! Wink
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