Losers' playoffs
Eddie had the idea, to give the lower teams some more games while the top teams playoff for the title, that we'd do 5th to 8th place playoffs, so for a bit of fun that's what we're doing.

2nd last in 1 group plays last in the other and vice versa. Eddie beat me, so he'll be in the 5th place playoff and I'll be in the wooden spoon decider.

Which leaves Morglum and Iillithidd in the other losers' semi.

As it is just a bit of fun, and the Apes Of Wrath (that Morglum is using) are crap (they're a fan made team), and to get some practice for season three, I've agreed that Morglum can switch team from Apes to Orcs, to get him a couple of games under the belt for Season Three. Iillithidd is also free to switch from Humans if he wishes.

So we can say that the Apes went bust, or fell out with each other, or were called back to the jungle by the Gorilla King or whatever, and the commissioner gave their spot to the Orcs who had applied for next season anyway.

Note - those in the proper playoffs for the league title can NOT change teams.

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Great idea.

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