Anlec Awesomes 4 - 0 The Jammy Dodgers
Anlec Awesomes 4 - 0 The Jammy Dodgers
(3 - 2 on Casualties)

The first semi-final match kicked off with the devious goblin Jammy Dodgers facing off against the snobby high elf Anlec Awesomes. The Dodgers won the toss an elected to receive in the Sweltering Heat of the desert venue.
[Image: 78636A24-91C6-468C-A7C7-1245EBB8372E.jpg]
The gobbos secured the ball and Smashzy the Troll KOed a line-elf on the line of scrimmage, but that bright start was soon undone as the Dodgers Chainsaw brandishing Loony failed to chop down a Blitzer, Smashzy completely forget what he was doing when set up for a 3 die block on the same Elf and Tripzy scrambling to cover the gap left by the day dreaming troll smashed his ankle trying to evade a line-elf.

The Awesomes wasted no time, clinically exploiting the gap, ending the Loony's career and knocking out the Dodgers star scorer, Slipzy. With the goblins offensive drive collapsing the Awesome put heavy pressure on, breaking free with the ball to score mid way through the first half.

The sweltering heat took it's toll on both teams with the Elves losing 5 players and the goblins 2 including their fanatic. With both trolls going awol and more rubbish dodging resulting in another ko and a fractured skull!, the Awesomes had no trouble dispossessing the Dodgers and scoring a second before the half time whistle, their star thrower snatching the ball under heavy goblin pressure and picking out a lurking catcher in the end zone.

The second half saw the fanatic, Spinzy, return to the pitch after some money changed hands in the ref's restroom at half time! The Dodgers looked to kick off with a vengeance, blitzing up the pitch and covering the ball.
[Image: 34929673-62AC-4062-AF55-181B15E6DCEA.jpg]
The Awesomes skilfully cleared the surrounding gobbos and recovered possession. Not to be deterred the remaining goblins swarmed forward, but fluffed the blitz on the ball carrier and the Awesomes poured forward. With most of their players committed up the field, the Dodgers tried an audacious attempt to push one of their own troll into a position to block the ball carrier with the fanatic, but Spinzy got a little too over excited, flooring his own man!

The Elf catcher used his speed to break deep into the gobbos half.
[Image: 9CC72BCF-9D9E-4E30-B666-0F3B6C15CA4D.jpg]
He consider stalling there a bit but the troll's willingness to fling their own players at him soon persuaded him no to dither!

3-0 up for the elves and the heat was still taking it's toll, this time taking 5 Dodgers out including both trolls![Image: DC734EAF-00B3-4668-8530-DA542A2E894E.jpg]
With only 6 players on the pitch the goblins couldn't hold onto the ball for too long, and with the prospect of not having to face the two trolls again the Awesomes were in no hurry to score. But the trolls weren't the only players with some bite as the Dodgers specialist dirty player put two elves out off the game badly hurting one and damaging the back of the second. With the seconds ticking down the Elves ran in their forth TD for a commanding victory and a place in the final!
[Image: nafId?n=19775&h=50&w=1400&s=2]

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