Captain Denaro emigrates to Aus this weekend, so to see him off I arranged a final game with him at NDGH during the week, and GJP was able to join us too. Eddie brought along his original Dungeonbowl from back in the day, so we gave it a spin. It turned out to be the perfect game for 3 players just looking for some fun gaming. It was absolutely hilarious, we regularly burst into fits of laughter as we experienced this whacky game again for the first time in years. The game was taking a while, so we decided to then randomly take a player off each coach at the end of their turn, to give more space to make it easier to score (we felt the wizards who run Dungeonbowl were doing this as a sort of overtime / penalties method to help bring the game to a dramatic close by teleporting random players out of the dungeon). This might have been thought to be to my advantage as my wood elves are fast, but GJPs necromantic undead and Captain Denaros Dwarfs kept knocking the ball loose and GJP had a good chance to score. In Dungeonbowl you can step into a teleporter and be moved to another random teleporter square in the dungeon, so players kept trying this. A few got lost in space, but what often happened was you'd teleport to a square with someone else already in it, causing them to be moved somewhere else, with a chain reaction effect of players being shifted around the dungeon. A bit hard to plan for, but all part of the madness that is Dungeonbowl. As the player count reduced, an opening arose when the ball moved to the far side of the dungeon where there hadn't been much action. This caused a mad rush for the teleporters as we all tried to get there, which also caused many chain reactions of players thinking they'd made it over only to be quickly re-teleported elsewhere when someone else appeared on their square and forced them back into the teleporter! The madness appeared to help GJP who got 2 players over there, only for the last remaining dwarf, the slowest player on the pitch, to teleport to the right place, knock down a much stronger Mummy (well the dwarf was a trollslayer - how fitting!), pick up the ball, jump back into the teleporter, luckily appear on the other side of the dungeon near an unprotected end zone and run in the winning touchdown!
Highly recommended for a bit of good fun gaming.

[Image: CBA4D178-590A-46FE-891E-5A84D0B6828C.jpg]

[Image: CE6C768E-B978-44B9-A7B7-9FBE80097EB6.jpg]
[Image: nafId?n=19316&s=2]
Just seeing this now. Definitely recommend DB for a bit of fun. Also perfect for a situatuob when you've an odd number of players.

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