Arcadia quest stuff we did wrong
Heroes and monsters cannot move diagonally! (shooting diagonally is still fine)

Only death curses which say occupies a slot actually occupies a slot.

The monster spawn is when the tile is full at the end of the current turn not when there's a sixth kill.

Using a portal does not trigger a guard reaction.

You can purchase a maximum of 3 items (tbh i should have known that yesterday i forgot)

Anyone does damage to a villain gets coin for killing it (think yesterdays double team on the minotaur). The person who gets the killing blow is the only one to get the quest if applicable.

You must complete at least one pve quest in order to win (we didn't get this wrong but just to clarify).

you only get one death curse no matter how many times you die, what actually happens is you draw a number of death curse cards equal to the amount of tokens however the card which affects you is the worst curse you drew (there's a number on the card for deciding this).

If a hero is killed by anything other than another player (traps, monsters.. etc) everyone gets a coin except the player who's hero died. (i also forgot this one)

You only get to keep one unspent coin after purchases!

The medicine token as well as restoring to full health removes death curses
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