Season 2 Complete - Iridivus is Champion!
Congrats to Iridivus / Mark who coached the Dark Elf "Underachievers" to victory in LGCBBL's second season.

Iridivus beat Karras / Andy's High Elf "Anlec Awesomes" 2 - 1 in a rain soaked final. The Dark Elves scored first, but their High Elf cousins equalised before half time. In the second half, as the clock ticked down, the Dark Elves got into a scoring position again, running the touchdown in towards the end, leaving the High Elves too little time for an equaliser.

The champions fittingly ended the season with the most wins, touchdowns and casualties.

Well done Iridivus.

The season 2 table in the other post has been updated.

We'll have a breather before we look at starting seaon 3, but if you're interested, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who played in season 2 - it was very enjoyable.

P.S. Captain Denaro, who emigrated to Australia, is back for a visit in August, so I'm planning a small BB tourney for when he's home.
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Well done Mark!

Though considering my Gobbos beat Mark's team twice this season surely that is an (im)moral victory to the goblins! Wink
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Well done Mark on your victory (and well done Gerard as the champion over champions!). Glad the season finally managed to get completed and sorry I wasn't there to see the final.

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