Campaign Rules for the new campaign
Sorry gonna jump on rogers post to include everything...... (colin)

Main Rules
Start Date - ASAP
Turns - 10
Length of each turn - 1 month
Location - All games to be played at LGC
Map - Africa & Europe (pic coming once we have total of players finalized)
Starting territories - 2 random
Points Limit - 1250 points & max 2 platoons from any army selector or generic list
Lists – Lists must be submitted before the first turn and use of the list is over the 10 turns. list must be submitted to roger campbell
Turn sequences – All Players hand in their movement commands, (give to colin (wolfie))
How each round will work:
1- round beginning is called (via forums and PM’s)
2- submit your orders (to colin – wolfie via email, PM facebook etc)
3- submit your lists (to roger – roger campbell via email or PM)
4- you see troop movements and battles you must fight (on website link due soon)
5- arrange your battles (via game arranging & Pm’s)
6- fight the battles (submit results to colin)
7- once all battles are completed the map will be updated (on website)

Other campaign/movement rules to mention
Alliances- Players can forge alliances and become a team benefiting from having an ally (able to move through their country without penalty) however there is a limit to 3 people max per alliance. Alliances must also be announced via forums.
Nation- Since we are portraying Africa/Europe, people can rename their force and use their own flag/symbol and their countries will more than likely just be numbered
Movement- You can only move your forces into an adjacent country and must move one country per turn (also moving through an ally does not count as a movement)
Army – You are classed as having forces in each territory you control, however you are only allowed to move one army per turn so in turn 2 if you control 3 territories and you wish to attack an adjacent territory that is your turn complete (apart from possibly defending attacked locations)
Attacking unclaimed territories - If you choose to move a force into any unclaimed territory then you count as automatically winning that and it becoming yours.
Draws – If someone attacks a country and the game ends as a draw the defender wins and the attacker backs off to where they came from. If it is a battle for a neutral land and its a draw both armies go back to original attack points with nobody claiming the land.
Inactive players – If a player is not actively playing his games or making an attempt to organise his games then after a while the round will be called to an end and he will lose any attacked terroities and automatically lose to a player her attacked etc who is actively trying to arrange the game. Inactive players may also be kicked out by organisers
Lists – To confirm your lists can be changed at the start of a new round. However you must submit it at the same time as your troop orders.
2 people attack same country - If more than two armies attack the same country then they all must fight in one battle consisting of all involved.
Limits to games! - No player can be attacked more than twice. First 2 orders received attacking a player by Colin will stand any others after that will be sent back for a different target. (the player attacked twice also still attacks where he wishes to)
Sea Assaults - If a player is wiped off the map they must continue on by attacking a coastal country next turn to fight back onto map. Same as with new players joining.

Scenarios are now assigned for you. The list is below (A copy of the Bolt scenarios will be held at the club).
1. Tank War Scenario - played using normal BA generators not Tank War ones.
2. Maximum Attrition.
3.Point Defence.
4.Hold Until Relieved.
5.Top Secret.
7. Frontal Assault -
8. Seize and Hold -
9. Kitty Hawk Down -
10. Domination -

Game adjusted rules
As discussed at AGM and at club we have made a few changes to gameplay and list making in attempt to make the game more even and fair (if you have issues with these please see colin or roger).
- LMG's reduced to 10 pts.
- Transports can always fire a weapon even if no one is in it.
- Empty transports are not destroyed by being closer to the enemy, they are destroyed if an enemy unit moves into base to base.
- Flak units (not pintle weapons) fire before pins from the airstrike are added, still get the -2 to hit plus any other mods.
- Recce vehicles cannot recce move from an ambush shot.
- All weapon teams can pivot 90 degrees but incur a -1 to hit.

Armies so far (will add logos after all players confirmed)
To sign up go here -
- Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) - Finland
[Image: rogc.jpg]

- Posty's special delivery force (postyjohn) - America (need logo)
[Image: posty.jpg]

- Offensive Radical Knutt Society (BGJ) - Britain
[Image: bgj.jpg]

- Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) - Germany
[Image: kix.jpg]

- Alvin's Army (Eiglepulper) - Germany
[Image: rog.jpg]

- Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) - Finland
[Image: speer.jpg]

- SMERSH (darkarcher) - Russia
[Image: darkarch.jpg]

- Helden des Vaterlandes (desperate dazz) - Germany
[Image: dazz.jpg]

- Ghost Division (necrogaz) - Germany
[Image: gary.jpg]

- The Red War machine (Nc89) - Russia
[Image: nc89.jpg]

- Das Booters (jonto81) - Germany
[Image: jonto.png]

- United states of No (wolfie) - America
[Image: wolfie.jpg]

- SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan) - Germany
[Image: jensen.jpg]

- 101st airborne(Galloway612) - America
[Image: gallow.jpg]

- Albys Rejects (alby1976) - America
[Image: alby.jpg]

- Red Army (Graham) - Russia
[Image: graham.png]

- Illinois Eagles (reroll) - America
[Image: reroll.gif]

- Big Red one (Lordho) - America
[Image: lord-ho.jpg]

- The Glider Club (wayne07) - Britain
[Image: wayne.jpg]
Tis good
Methinks 'tis okidoki too. Have sent you a quick PM, Roger.

Roger B.
Looks good
Me likey!
(04-29-2015, 09:53 PM)Roger Campbell Wrote: All other rules from previous campaign re movement, sea assaults etc apply.

Bearing in mind that rules evolved during the campaign, it would be useful to list the major rules for the benefit of those of us who weren't in the last campaign.
the only rule from the last Campaign was Kill Colin, I believe as an oversight it has been missed from the above list. Roger can you fix that please?
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updated the rules
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(05-14-2015, 04:42 PM)wolfie Wrote: updated the rules

Thanks Colin

Something i was wondering was if you attack, when you come to play that game, does this automatically make you the attacker for the scenario ? Likewise when attacked, are you automatically the defender ? Just wondering as it might make a difference to the list you would use.
In the last campaign, you played the game as per the rulebook scenario.

When you announce you are attacking someone (ie a country they're holding) all it means is that you're forcing them to play you. It didn't determine Attacker/Defender status last time, and I would assume it won't this time. Don't forget, Darren - you might attack me but someone else might attack you at the same time, which makes you attacker and defender simultaneously!

Of course, if the Great Overlord declares it another way then of course we succumb to His Superiorness (and not because he plays Finns).

Roger B.

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