Horus heresy 30k
(11-09-2015, 08:59 PM)Morglum Wrote: I've actually managed to find the white dwarf article I got info from which everyone who hasn't seen it should take a nosey at great article by rick priestly and even if you can't be bothered reading it what looks to be concept art from john blanche is worth a nosey it's really dated but kinda cool (mkiv did make me laugh though).

Page 13


Probably retconned to feck now ofc it's 25 years old

Btw I have ordered a copy of betrayal at Calth and will be adding Word Bearers to my already too big collection of armies, I blame you Alan (nothing to do with my weak will)!!!!!!!!!

Suprised Roger hasn't been on here yet ROGER NEW STUFF LOOK SHINEYS!!!!!!!!!

Alan what about this campaign you were talking about then?

You'll thank me someday :-) if you want/need the word bearer transfers from my box set you can have them
(11-09-2015, 09:07 PM)Jonto81 Wrote: Need to work out times etc - but possibly start looking at 1 day tactical strike campaign in January
Modified adepticon pack:

Or we could go straight into the campaign if we get enough interested and who could pull together 500 points for first round, will have a look at resurecting the thread I had for it and will try and recover some of the files I had on pc before it died

Well I'm in anyway. Narrative wise maybe follow the first book? Leaving it open for working our way through them in future campaigns Big Grin
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Question when this starts would there be any objections to using an Ork army for this? Been listening some podcasts and they seem to be saying Orks work well and it would be a great excuse to get my models painted up.

The most common way to do it seems to be use the 40k Orks and the crusade force org chart.

Feel free to say no I'll still play in it Smile
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I definitely have no issue with it, I think it would add a cool narrative, even Eldar were involved in many of the books!

Pretty much every army were heavily involved in fighting greenskins, especially the Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves (Ullanor campaign) and the White Scars (Chondax Campaign).
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