Turn 2 results
SS-Jagdverbände vs United states of No - US win holding 36

The Red War machine vs Posty’s special delivery force - Red War win taking 40.

SMERSH vs Alvin’s Army - Draw Alvin holds 47.

Brotherhood of Rog vs The Glider Club - Gliders withdraw Brotherhood take 25.

Helden des Vaterlandes vs The Glider Club - Gliders withdraw Helden take 22.

Finnish Attack Kitty takes 3.

BOOtlegs Bastids take 18.

Albys Rejects vs Illinois Eagles. Albys win taking 43.

Illinois Eagles vs Das Booters. Illinois win taking 19.

Das Booters vs United states of No. United States win holding 2.

Offensive Radical Knutt Society vs Finnish Attack Kitty. Kitty wins holding 26.

Also appearing in this Campaign vs The Red War machine. Red War win holding 40.

United states of No vs Also Appearing in this Campaign. Also appearing win holding 45.

101st airborne v Offensive Radical Knutt Society. ORKS win holding 29.

Big Red one vs SS-Jagdverbände. Big Red wins taking 48.

Red Army vs Helden des Vaterlandes. Red Army take 4

Fanta orange vs Das Booters. No show, Das booters hold 8

Cedric's Sushi Parlour vs Helden des Vaterlandes. No show helden, sushi win 5

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