Bloodletter Glaze? advice
So since everyone being so helpful, a bit of advice with glaze.

I layer up my reds on the Khorne armour, and then paint bloodletter glaze over the top. In truth, I cant tell any difference with or without the glaze. What is it supposed to do?

I thought it was supposed to blend the colours together. Is it possible that I'm just blending so well that there is nothing for it improve (not trying to be proud, just wondering why this glaze seems of no benefit)
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The glaze is supposed to unify the colour - red in your example, if you went extreme highlight to almost white, the glaze in theory will coat it red but keep it brighter than the other parts. I am probably Not describing it the best but it can be useful to get some good effects
You also have to be very patient with glazing, because it's basically just a extremely watered down paint, so you may have to do loads of layers.
I've only started using glazes myself, so I'm by no means an expert. Duncan from GW has good explanations of it in his AoS realm gate and Nagash painting tutorials on Youtube.

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