The Grey Haired Geezer's Attempts At Colouring His Armies
I don't often go in for this sort of thing on a forum because I usually fail royally to do or complete anything! That said, I recently spent 6 evenings getting a 750pts Chindits/Gurkhas army painted up for the tournament at Wee Gamers on 15/8/15. I still have some more models from that army so I though I would see how many points I actually have.

Well, that was a mistake, of course. Turns out there are 2000pts worth. Sad Still, a bit of "Head Down, Lad" with a glass of Falling-Down-Water within arm's reach should sweeten the blow of hard graft.

I'll post a picture of the tournament army models later once I get the memory card from wherever it is....

Roger B.
Good stuff Roger! Keep at it - looking forward to seeing these Chindits

[Image: th_P1010140_zpszycigtiq.jpg]
[img][Image: th_P1010150_zpsvgg6ouh9.jpg][/img]
[Image: th_P1010152_zpss4xeueog.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010151_zpscgwt4uxp.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010148_zpswtqee491.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010149_zpsdankaruw.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010146_zpsv3urhpxf.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010147_zpsm9yafuos.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010144_zpszom3p2cn.jpg]

These were speed painted so as to have them ready for the tourney at Wee Gamers. More to come though including vehicles. Hopefully I will get my ass in gear soon.

[Image: th_P1010142_zps8y0sferr.jpg]
[Image: th_P1010143_zpsikwx7drl.jpg]
Fecking awesome sir!

Were did you get the tuffs of grass? Army painter?

this the site i used for my lizard men, prices seemed reasonable but didnt look into it much
"They should not be here."
@ Nathan: Yep, Army Painter tufts bought through Arkham and Warlord. And thanks for the comment about the paint job. Smile

@ Chris: that's an awesome site you've linked to there, brother. Thanks, bookmarked.

Roger B.
Awful paint job, I couldnt even find them on the jungle table last week .......
(08-21-2015, 12:10 AM)Roger Campbell Wrote: Awful paint job, I couldnt even find them on the jungle table last week .......

That's because your Finns were still wearing their darkened ski goggles along with their fur hats and mitts for fighting in the jungle swamps. :p
Nice job and the bases are great, really makes the theme

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