turn 3 battles
Confirmed battles to be played
Scenario is Point Defence
Deadline for games is 10th October 2015
map etc here - http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/bolt-act...gn-turn-3/

-Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) vs Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) Defender

-Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) vs Das Booters (jonto81) (roll for defender)

-Red Army (Graham) vs Das Booters (jonto81) (defender)

-101st airborne(Galloway612) vs Das Booters (jonto81) (defender)-

-United states of No (wolfie) vs 101st airborne(Galloway612) (defender)

-Offensive Radical Knutt Society (BGJ) vs 101st airborne(Galloway612) (defender)

-Cedric's Sushi Parlour (malimar) vs Offensive Radical Knutt Society (BGJ) (defender)

-The Red War machine (Nc89)vs Posty’s special delivery force (postyjohn) (defender to be decided and winner takes all in countries)

- Fanta orange (branko) vs SMERSH (darkarcher) (defender)

-SMERSH (darkarcher) vs Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) (defender)

- Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) vs Big Red one (Lordho) (defender)

-Big Red one (Lordho) vs Albys Rejects (alby1976) (defender)

-Albys Rejects (alby1976) vs Big Red one (Lordho) (defender)

-Illinois Eagles (reroll) vs B00tleg's Bastids (tenaciousb)

How many battles each person has
Roger C – 1
Posty – 1
BGJ – 2/3
Just4kix -2
Speers – 2
Roger B – 0
Chris Gallagher – 2
Darren – 0
Nathan – 1
Alan – 3
Colin – 1/2
Jensen – 0
Galloway - 3
Albert – 2
Graham – 1
Bryan – 1
Ivan – 3
Bill – 1
Cambridge – 1
Matt - 1
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