Awesomebowl 2 - GJP is champion!
Thanks very much to Eddie, Gerard, Ryan, Patrick and Mark for joining me today (12 Sept 2015) in playing in LGC's second "AwesomeBowl" BloodBowl tournament, just over a year after the last one (which was won by Colmo, who unfortunately couldn't join us today as he was working).
4 of the 6 players today had played in the previous AwesomeBowl (and in one or more of our previous LGCBBL league seasons). So that meant we had 2 new players as well - great to see 2 players who hadn't played BloodBowl in LGC before (and great lads too - thanks Patrick and Ryan - hope to see you playing BloodBowl at LGC again in the future).

Results -

[Image: AB1.png]

Table -

[Image: AB2.png]

Both Gerard and Ryan had 2 wins and 1 loss, so 6 points. At Awesomebowl and LGCBBL we use TD difference as the next decider when points are level (and Casualty difference after that if need be). Gerard's TD difference was higher than Ryan's - by one touchdown! So in a very close run race, Gerard pipped Ryan to the title and took home the coveted gold LGC winner's dice - well done Gerard!

(Note we had an odd number for round 1, hence Mark and I playing 2 games, not 3).

Gerard - Lizards
Ryan - Dwarfs
Bryan - Wood Elves
Eddie - Orcs
Mark - Humans
Patrick - Chaos

I had a great day - thanks everyone. We talked about LGCBBL season 3 and there was some interest, so I'll do a post about that in a while.

(Let me know if I've made any mistakes above!)
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Great day catching up with you guys at LGC and thanks for organising Reroll. Well done to Gerard for his well deserved winners dice. Enjoy season 3.
Sorry I wasn't able to get down and say hello Eddie, sounds like you guys had a blast!
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For my first tournament style play it was fun. Probably not best choice of team but I like to play the different teams.

Looking forward to a Season 3.. Along with my Halfling team, Samwise's Ankle Biters.

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Yeah! Looking forward to playing them - they look great!
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yeeey lizardmen won, nice one guys
"They should not be here."
Halflings are looking good!
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