Turn 3 results
SMERSH vs Also Appearing in this Campaign - Also hold 45.
Brotherhood of Rog vs Finnish Attack Kitty - Brotherhood win taking 26.
Red Army vs Das Booters - Red win taking 8.
Albys Rejects vs Big Red One - Albys win taking 48.
The Red War machine vs Posty’s special delivery force. Red War win holding 40 and capturing 41.
Cedric's Sushi Parlour vs Offensive Radical Knutt Society. ORKS hold 9.
SS-Jagdverbände capture 11.
B00tleg’s Bastids capture 13.
Finnish Attack Kitty beat SS-Jagdverbände and Das Booters to take 10.
Illinois Eagles v B00tleg’s Bastids. Illinois win taking 18.
101st airborne v Das Booters. Das Booters hold 20.
Jonto81 lost to graham
Alby1976 attacker vrs lordho defender. Attacker won.
Alby1976 (defender) versus lordho (attacker) defender wins.
Red war machine beats Posty and defends also

Finnish Attack Kitty beat Jensen and Alan
Reroll beat tenaciousb.
[Image: nafId?n=19316&s=2]
I defended against Galloway and Dave won the 3 way between myself, Jensen and Dave

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