Turn 6 Battles
- SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan) v Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) (defender) at 19*
- Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) v SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan) (defender) at 15*
- Alvin’s Army (Eiglepulper) v Finnish Attack Kitty (azura25) at 19. Kitty hold.
– Posty’s special delivery force (postyjohn) v SS-Jagdverbände (Reichmarschall Regan) (defender) at 11
– SMERSH (darkarcher) v Alvin’s Army (Eiglepulper) (defender) at 29- Draw Alvin's hold.
- The Polish Armed Mafia (stabby) v SMERSH (darkarcher) (defender) at 35. SMERSH hold.
– Also Appearing in this Campaign (just4kix) v SMERSH (darkarcher) (defender) at 35. SMERSH hold 35.
- Das Booters (jonto81) v Red Army (Graham) (defender) at 4*
- Red Army (Graham) v Das Booters (jonto81) (defender) at 5*
*Winner Takes All - Draw no change
– Beatties Bears (elixier) v Illinois Eagles (reroll) (defender) at 17 DRAW
– B00tleg’s Bastids (tenaciousb) v Illinois Eagles (reroll) (defender) at 18*
- Illinois Eagles (reroll) v B00tleg’s Bastids (tenaciousb) (defender) at 13*
*Winner Takes All Draw no change
– The Red War machine (Nc89) v Albys Rejects (alby1976) (defender) at 43. Draw no change
- Albys Rejects (alby1976) v United states of No (wolfie) (defender) at 36
– Big Red one (Lordho) v Albys Rejects (alby1976) (defender) at 50
- Helden des Vaterlandes (desperate dazz) v Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) (defender) at 21*
– Brotherhood of Rog (roger campbell) v Helden des Vaterlandes (desperate dazz) (defender) at 22*
*Brotherhood win taking 22.

How many battles each person has
Roger C – 1
Posty – 1
BGJ – 0
Just4kix -1
Speers – 1 (maybe 2)
Roger B – 2
Chris Gallagher – 3
Darren – 1
Nathan – 1
Alan – 1
Colin – 1
Jensen – 2/3
Andy beattie - 1
Albert – 3
Graham – 1
Bryan – 2
Ivan – 1
Bill – 1
Keith - 1

Games can be played from 13th until 5th
Its demolition is scenario.

contact your opponents to arrange!
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Oh yeah its clobberin time.
Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until I know my second opponent. Which would I prefer: Finns or Motorbike Spam? Hmmmm......

Roger B
Dazz you c*nt bwahahaha
(02-11-2016, 09:12 PM)Roger Campbell Wrote: Dazz you c*nt bwahahaha

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth Tongue
Feeling picked on! ?
may all your wars be merry and all your songs be sad
Guys remember to submit your results here so we know how the games ended up and so we also know which games still need played
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The polish, lost Sad
My game with Albert resulted in a draw

Me and Graham drew

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