The Final Deletion
Ok so this is wrestling related but its worth watching, this is honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen on a TV screen and of course I felt I needed to share the pain!

This is bad this is like asylum movies bad. I love to watch a bad movie lol.


Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy have been beating the snot out of each other for weeks culminating in a steel cage match at the biggest show of the year (TNA wrestling so not that big). At some point during the feud Matt Hardy seemingly has lost his mind becoming "broken", developed the worlds worst accent and the bride of frankenstein's haircut. After Jeff Hardy won the big match Matt decided he wanted another matchup with Jeff one to end it all the winner gets to keep the Hardy name, one where he can finally delete "Brother Nero".

The result is "The Final Deletion" a match described by Matt as a "True Armageddon" contested in a ring at the Hardy's house where they grew up. But this is no ordinary match between two of the most drug fuelled wrestlers of all time no this match is an edited (badly) movie complete with ropey action movie soundtrack, random bald men, scooby doo endings and miraculously quick costume changes. As with all the worst movies this will leave you wondering at the end wtf did I just watch and why the (censored) did I watch it. Thankfully this is only 12 minutes long!
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It's actually amazing...
It was on botchamania... Unedited lol

Is that the directors cut Nathan?

those extra few minutes are brilliant matt attacks Jeff with drones then wrecks his lawn lmao These two must be on a serious amount of drugs.
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