Got my name!
So wracked my brains trying to figure out what to call my team.  Got it. Colours undecided just yet. Also i still have to do a roster, max you can have is 16 players so ive got a team name plus 16 player names here we go

the Wurtbad Wayward Fellowship (WWF)
-Ogray 'the giant'
-Bulk Brogan
-Vreg 'the yammer' Balentine
-Bonesaw 'slim' Chuggan
-'The Stirland Dream' Cobbly Streets
-Jack 'the tack' Roberts
-'Flying' Ryan Chillman
-Kid Vicious
-Burt 'Almost Perfect' Chenning
-'The Million Copper man' Fred Degrassi
-Dick 'Wheres my dragon?' Dreamboat
-'Macho Bro' Andy Savage-Garden
-'A bit chilly' Steven Boston
-Cletus 'The Carver' Cheesecake
-'Ravaging' Rex Crude
-'Good News' Gary

what you think?  Once i get my orge and solour scheme they will be sorted in no time
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[Image: FireflyDance.gif]
Love it!

However they shall soon bow to the power of the Kulture Klub!

Frudd Murk Kurry
Chur Ban Jovo
"Boy" Gorg Mirkal
Stavvy Wanda

Adum Kant
Bully Udal
Mirkal Jarksun
Zuggy Stark-Rust

Duff Lapp Hard
Durgan Durgan
Stung Van Harlan
Punk Fludd

Rip Ashloo

Tiny Tearer
Rock Stud Hart
Madd Onna
sounding good
[Image: Not+the+mama+_5dbac1947b4f5268d7cbbc57ee1cff85.gif]

[Image: FireflyDance.gif]

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