Anyone fancy getting some games in?
Played this with Bob for the first time on Saturday and watched a few battle reports really want to start playing this more. 

Anyone else fancy digging out your teams and getting in a game or two?

I'm also loving the DC superhero universe has started coming out and it's compatible with the marvel one. I'm this close to buying Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The game itself is quite simple but the interaction with scenery is off the chart. Magneto using his powers to hurl sewer lids at iron man, colossus hurling Drax through a building to the point where the building collapses. The Hulk tossing a shipping container at it smashing straight through Drax and then clobbeering rocket. Seen all of that happen in game.

Nightcrawler Bamfing people across the board is great craic. Captain America bouncing his shield off the heads of several enemies. Hulk throwing wolverine across the table. There is a lot of comic style madness thrown into the game which makes it a lot of fun to play and even to watch I'm actually loving the batreps on YouTube.
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Any time I am down the minis will be in the car. So I'll definitely be up for a game.
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