LGCBBL 3 League standings etc
Ok so at the meantime this is a link to the webpage on our site for all the details. 

Meantime here is the details of each group. (You have to play everyone else in group once, and you have around 2 months to get your games in deadline date will eventually appear).  When you are playing your game, you must update results sheet while you play. Copies of it are at LGC (at sign in desk) or you can print a few off yourself. Give it when completed to colin/bryan/gerard
Also post your results here

Group 1
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
Bogenhafen Fog - Bryan O'Neile (reroll) -Human
Anlec Awesomes - Andrew Curran (karras) -High Elf
Smashmouth Scimatars - Andy McGorman - (kaiowas) -Human
Red mountain grumblers - Ryan Fletcher (gothump) -Dwarf
Plenty 'f suicidal grumblers 'n too trolls - Patrick Magee (salaius) -Goblin

Group 2
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
Maneater United - Michael McConkey (sir_m1ke) -Orc
The R.P.O - Stephen Brown (wee-stevie) -Orc
Warpstone Stealers - Gary Mcneill (meleth) -Skaven
The Marsh Hall Maulers - Alan Marshall (footloose) -Chaos
F.L.O.P. - Ryan Cleland (Gorninator) -Skaven

Group 3
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
Warp-pit War Dogs - Chris Gallagher (DarkArcher) - Skaven
Seedlings - chris Jnrs *i can contact if you go through me* - Wood Elf
Norn-Direland kneecappers - Colin Morrison (colm) -Chaos
Emperors Finest - Mark Dornan (iridivus) -Lizardmen
Karak Anvils - Richard Anderssen (rich) -Dwarf

*Chris Jnr, ususally shows up everyweek from 12-1 looking a game*

Group 4
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
Wurtbad Wandering Fellowship (wwf) - Colin Shields (wolfie) -Human
All Hallows Cleavers - Steve Fletcher (morglum) -Undead
Morks Allstars - Ivan Magowan (lordho) -Orc
New Age Zodiacs - Ashton Davis (cycrosa) -Human
Gordons Seed - Magnus Ooferson (duce) -Dwarf

Group 5
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
Hagg Gruief Ball Fondlers - Andrew Turkington (andy t) -Dark Elf
canterbury crusaders - Džerards Praiors (gjp) -Vampire
Kulture Klub - Gordon Johnston (drumkee_thunder) -Orc
Black Sewer Chargers - Alan Johnston (jonto81) -Skaven

Group 6
(Team name - Coach name - Forum name - Team Race)
De Kilief Nek Swappas - Stephen (caddyshack) -Orc
Ratigans Reavers - Carolynne McGorman (lithium) -Skaven
13th Ballers - Adam Williamson (adam) -Skaven
Venomfang Flyers - Andy Beattie (elixier) -Skaven

It is up to you to contact your opponents to arrange games.
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