Gamers in Antrim
Hey all, 

I was wondering if there are any gamers around the Antrim area? Where/what do you guys play? I've done a bit of digging, and it seems that there was a gaming club in Antrim, but AFAIK it no longer exists. The Lisburn Gaming Club sounds lovely, and I'd like to pay a visit when I get the chance, but it's a bit out of the way, especially while I don't have the car.


I'm from Antrim (though don't live there any more), and I attended that club a few times. Let me have a look for some of the guy's names.
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Try PMing Elrithral and Neuropulse - 2 Antrim gamers who are members of this forum (not sure if still active).
Also, look up Aldergrove Wargaming Club on FB. And Antrim Wargaming Society - though that's probably the one you mentioned that no longer exists I think.
There are other guys too - will let you know when I find them.
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Neither of those guys has logged on in months, so don't bother PMing them.

Request to join both those FB groups. Even if they're not active any more, their admins might see it and put you in touch with someone.

You could always get a bus to Lisburn and check out LGC. What games do you play?
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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately public transport looks pretty pricey to be doing it every week.

I'll look into Aldergrove.

I play most GW stuff to some degree or other; Necromunda, Gorkamorka, Mordheim, 40k. I'd be interested in RPG-ing with the likes of Dark Heresy or Only War etc.

I also have a small collection of Bolt Action and Infinity, though haven't played either much so far.
Hi Peter,

You could maybe consider dropping down to see us once a month? That would help with costs, and would also give you a wider gaming fraternity? Just a thought.

Roger B
Certainly something to consider Roger. Cheers.

Is there much love for Shadow War: Armageddon at the club? I'm toying with buying the new rulebook once it's released.
I'm not a 40ker (though did play original Necromunda) so others can answer better, but yes, it has been played, and plenty with 40k armies have expressed interest
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Thanks reroll.
(05-02-2017, 09:02 AM)Dallo Wrote: Thanks reroll.

Hi Dallo, I was a member of the Antrim Club, the criminally insane club, live near antrim, a few of us occasionally meet in antrim or at lisburn but give me a shout if you want a game or info or whatever

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