Poll: What date suits you to attend the LGC charity/24hr gaming day!
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Charity day & 24hr gaming day!
So chat has been around getting a charity day and also a 24hr gaming day. So we have said why not just do both on one day!?!?

So we are asking all interested in attending what saturday suits you best for a day for charity & also not just our normal hours but would likely run 9am on the saturday until 9/10am on the sunday. People free to come and go as they wish.

Options are on the poll. We are only giving this a few days to sort due to needing to get it booked too. Please submit your vote and help us out.

Details for the day and Q&A
-Charity - We need help picking one! We would be keen on something local. Suggestions please.
-Entrance fee - Usual prices, however all of this will go towards the chosen charity.
-What do we need from you? - Two things, firstly to attend! (we will create a facebook event and advertise once a date is settled)
Secondly, If your able to, offer to run a one off event or game or even special board game or anything unique or multiplayer!
-How else to donate - As with our other charity days, we will offer up the fun option of in any game that day you can choose to do a complete reroll in your game for the price of £1, you can also force someone else to do a reroll for the same price (we have had major fun with this before. As we said entrance fees and the £1 to donate will all be a thing. If we can get offers for prize type things we will hopefully also do an auction for people to buy ballots for. All ballot money goes to charity. We may also hope that other members or people would in a way sponsor us for taking time out of our busy schedules to do the gruelling act of sitting and playing games for 24hrs. Will be tough but we can do it!
-What wont go to charity? - As per our usual rules, tuck shop items will not be part of the special day etc, as in the club will recieve the money for this not the charity (will help us cover the massive rent for the even extended day! lolz)
-Other thing to note, anyone willing to do a fun tournament (preferred to be small and confirm a few numbers that will definately attend please note the club will be open for a long time and we could host your event! please get in touch!)
-What if you cant stay 24hours? - You dont have to at all. You can come down and do regular club hours, or even call down for a saturday night game of something you may play at your own house with friends but instead move that to LGC for more atmosphere etc. Feel Free!
-Can i drink alcohol? - As per our always open rules, yes. However it must be in can form and we ask you dont get plastered, we dont want to be dealing with drunks.
-What about dinner? - We are happy to do a big order for pizza etc from local takeaway places!
-What about something i want to see on tv, (sporting event, xfactor etc) - We have the big tv and are more than happy to have it on so people can watch shows or events etc


Edit - Will add in a suggestion - that big apocalypse game you wanted to play for ages or big team game etc this is a perfect event for it. hours and hours free to game away!
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Mahoosive Bolt Action Game, anyone? Or Konflikt '47?

Roger B
Why not. Ask everyone do a team game
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(05-29-2017, 06:11 PM)Eiglepulper Wrote: Mahoosive Bolt Action Game, anyone? Or Konflikt '47?

Roger B

Massive tank war game! Wouldn't take too long tbh ! Just tanks - no infantry!

(05-30-2017, 01:58 PM)Nc89 Wrote:
(05-29-2017, 06:11 PM)Eiglepulper Wrote: Mahoosive Bolt Action Game, anyone? Or Konflikt '47?

Roger B

Massive tank war game! Wouldn't take too long tbh ! Just tanks - no infantry!

Any sounds good.
Tank War had also occurred to me too! That would probably be a better option tbh.


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