5th round draw
Christopher Broome v Roger Ball
Bill Taylor v Colin
Roger C v Bryan O'Neile
Mark Dornan v Peter Blake
John Foster v Chris Gallagher
John Dowdall v David Anderson
Neil Bowles v Magnus Ooferson
Steve v Chris Galloway 

Remember 6pt warbands and heroes allowed.

10.09.17 is the last date for this round
Christopher, are you free on 19th August morning for our game?

Roger B
I'm free 2 Sept Roger. Lemme know if that works for you - if not I can look at my availability on the 9th.
[Image: nafId?n=19316&s=2]
Looks like both the Rogers will be involved with Saga on the 2nd! Chris and I will be playing our game then.

Roger B
I beat Roger
[Image: nafId?n=19316&s=2]

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