Shadow PC
Some of you may have seen that I have posted about on FB. Just posting here for 2 reasons;

1) to rant about how cool the service is 
2) to get a referral if one of you sign up (I get £10 off my next month if you do). Use the code ROWICWRS
Apologise for long post but worth the read if you're a PC gamer or into cool tech stuff.

You might have heard of OnLive about 9 years ago - I had that piece of kit, at best it was just okay a bit laggy though. This is much better. Though the whole cloud gaming concept is pretty new it works great. Some minor flaws such as my mic sometimes not working - but i work around that using discord on my local pc instead of the shadowpc. The developers are very active and always adding new features and fixing bugs.

Anyway, check out some reviews, here is one: and I'm sure if you Youtube "" you'll see some people testing it out. 
Essentially you get a very good gaming PC to rent for £27 a month. Very good CPU, 12 GIG RAM and GTX 1080 or equivalent Graphics card. The Hard drive is a bit small @ 256GB but you can upgrade that to 1TB for an additional £2.95 a month. They also do free component upgrades over time. It doesn't have to be used for gaming - I am using it as my desktop you can also use it for video editing. So essentially I have crappy laptop and PC which now are great gaming machines as I can access the Shadow PC from them.

This worked for me as I was going to upgrade my PC then realised i couldn't afford it. Now for £27 a month I get a great gaming machine which i don't have to worry about electricity to run it or cost to buy it. Think about how much you'd pay for a very good gaming machine - you're talking about the guts of £1000, probably more the GFX card will cost you £600+ - instead you're playing around £324 a year.

Oh I forgot to mention the speed of the internet you have, I did a speedtest recently: If you are a macbook person - you can play windows games on your macbook by running the shadow application which will connect you to your Windows PC in the cloud. 

So if you're thinking of upgrading your PC AND have a good internet connection (above 20Mb) - give this a try for a month to see what you think ( and use my referral code to get the £10 off ROWICWRS ). Not bad for £17 for the first month.

Side note - anyone play Heroes of the Storm? Andy is terrible and Alan, James Nicky and I need to replace him in our 5 man team
£20 off this weekend only

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