Astartes! and Da Lads!
Warning some bluryness follows!

[Image: P1020180.jpg][Image: P1020179.jpg][Image: P1020174.jpg][Image: P1020173.jpg]
[Image: P1020196.jpg][Image: P1020194.jpg][Image: P1020192.jpg][Image: P1020191.jpg][Image: P1020182.jpg][Image: P1020183.jpg]

[Image: P1020184.jpg][Image: P1020190.jpg][Image: P1020189.jpg][Image: P1020186.jpg][Image: P1020185.jpg][Image: P1020181.jpg][Image: P1020172.jpg]
Less blurry versions of a few

[Image: P1020207.jpg][Image: P1020205.jpg][Image: P1020204.jpg][Image: P1020203.jpg] u see!, all smiles are equal!
[Image: P1020202.jpg][Image: P1020201.jpg][Image: P1020200.jpg][Image: P1020199.jpg][Image: P1020198.jpg][Image: P1020197.jpg]
Da Ladz and me Gorkamorka Mob!

[Image: P1020208.jpg][Image: P1020209.jpg][Image: P1020210.jpg][Image: P1020211.jpg][Image: P1020212.jpg][Image: P1020214.jpg][Image: P1020215.jpg]
lol Gitfukka!

(04-08-2011, 01:24 PM)tenaciousb Wrote: lol Gitfukka!

Just what I was thinkin Big Grin

haha class ork name!

good stuff mate Smile
Unleash the wolves
Carnage has no rules
Comparison, competition
We’ll bury one and all

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Gitfukka is a legend
So Wie Wir Kampfen...Arbeit Du Fur den Sieg!
the model with the thunderhammer, is it converted or came like that? because looks awesome and I wants one now Tongue
Gorgeous Painting. I love the Red company champion
thanks everybody ! Big Grin

@Duce its converted just a standard marine and the hammer is from Coteaz, done the 4 in poses from the E3 2009 space marine trailer lol!

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