The first of three
First Dreadknight finished!

[Image: sobs1of3.jpg]
Wide shot of the bid lad

[Image: sobs3of3.jpg]
Slightly closer

[Image: sobs2of3.jpg]
psilencer angle.

All in all, the model was a treat to build - all the plastics fitted together exactly. Painting it was a pleasure as well! I extended the hammer as I thought the original was too small (!). I also magnetised one of the barrels.

ohh sweet job Bill!
black undercoat with boltgun over? looks really smooth!
Unleash the wolves
Carnage has no rules
Comparison, competition
We’ll bury one and all

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0_o Brilliant
Nice work bill.!
So Wie Wir Kampfen...Arbeit Du Fur den Sieg!
Cheers, folks!

lovely Bill, now if you could do the remaining 2 please Tongue
I'm on it lol


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