Army Painter
Anyone here use this? Is it any good? I see they have a varnish that takes the shine off the models as well. Very interested to try this out.

army painter are widely regarded as some of they best paints you can get!
By whom?? They are meant to be decent for bulk models, hence the name 'army' painter, but never heard them mentioned in a list of best paints
The guys at arkham have been complaining about some bad batches of the Army Painter primers and the varnish seems to "frost" unless dried at the right temperture. No idea what that temperture might be but one guy is using a hairdryer and still getting "frosting".

I've seen good and bad results with it. More bad than good though.
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(04-13-2011, 12:41 AM)drunkbobnopants Wrote: More bad than good though.

One of the big problems with painting is the people using them, some of the best paints I've ever used (made by Rackham) are crap unless you know how to use them. I have a group of 2 or 3 people I trust 100% when commenting on paints. This is because I know how good they are and I've painted with them so I know their styles very well. I know how they use paint differently to me, I also know when they are wrong about paints for this same reason, hence why I trust them completely, I know our differences Smile

Give the army painter stuff a try, if you like bring it down to the club and let others try it too. When I've used paints I don't like I pass them on to people I think might get use out of them.

A paint review could be a handy resource for people to glean info on the forums, what would people think??
maybe something to put on a LGC blog?
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