Gallifreyan 42nd so far
Okay after finally working out how to put photos on here I bring you my attempt to get me painting!

Firstly the Gallifreyan 42nd in October 2010:
[Image: IMAG0024.jpg]

Since this was taken my army has probably doubled its infantry, added another 2 russes, hellhound and 10 rough riders so im not sure i'll fir it all in one photo lol

secondly this is my 750pt list for the feb doubles tournie;

[Image: IMAG0078.jpg]

now i have possibly my 2nd favourite unit to use in a game:
[Image: IMAG0084.jpg]
I painted them using badab black ink for the 1st time and they did turn out lookin a little odd so i have termed them my deadites lol! (also now running 20 of them)

ok this is my number one model as I tend to use him in every game (ask necrongaz): sly marbo
[Image: IMAG0082.jpg]
I didnt like the gw model so i used a catachan officer as marbo nearing end of his career (dies more or less every game so accurate lol)

and lastly my best painted model (took me bout 2 - 3 hours to paint once the undercoat dried); not had chance to use him in game yet tho
[Image: IMAG0077.jpg]

Hope you guys like and once I back in belfast I'll be able to paint up the rest of them!
Very nice Smile
Looking good, I assume by the lack of chimeras you're a hoarde guard player and not a mech one?

And you can never have too many russes Wink
Love it!

Lol I am apperently a horde player; 2bh i have just been collecting but it is a mad mad dream of mine to field a full 6 troop choices. I have about 24 heavy weapon teams as well; I find 12 lascannons can acheive anything lol.

Have recently bought another chimera though as I thought I might branch out a bit. 2bh tho usually i will take vet squads that give fire support (my overall strategy is that if the enemy have no models left then I don't need to take objectives lol)
Thankyou all for comments
hoarde guard! i will play you! hate guard taking full tanks. when i played guard in 2nd ed i love the mass infantry
[Image: Not+the+mama+_5dbac1947b4f5268d7cbbc57ee1cff85.gif]

[Image: FireflyDance.gif]
ohh looking good mate! keep them coming Big Grin
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(04-20-2011, 05:19 PM)wolfie Wrote: hoarde guard! i will play you! hate guard taking full tanks. when i played guard in 2nd ed i love the mass infantry

yes but lasguns in 2nd ed reduced marines to a 4+ save lol
You should do ad mech terrain to go with that carpet dude, it's awesome Smile
ad mech terrain?
lol i am limited to gettin out my full army only when my girlfriend is at work...she currently is under the mad mad impression that i have too many models?!!!

granted this does include the 6000 points of marines i also have lol

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