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(04-20-2011, 05:19 PM)wolfie Wrote: hoarde guard! i will play you! hate guard taking full tanks. when i played guard in 2nd ed i love the mass infantry

You might change your mind about that after playing a hoarde guard army. They can be nasty as hell both in shootnig and CC.

4 blob squad sof 30 guardsmen, sgts with power weapons, commissar with power weapon, ad din heavy weapon teams behind and command squads and if used Stracken, and you're going to lose a war of attrition, 12 PW zttacks coming at you who have 26 wounds before you can target them, LD9 rerollable.

and if in range of straken have furiouc charge, counter attack etc. their tough to remove fully. especially with all the special weapons in the blob squad.

so while that walks forward to you swarming your space the hydras open up and the heavy weapon teams. with orders from the command squads twinlinking them.

And to top it off straken's own command squad can do some damage now to whatever is needed Smile

Don't ruin it for me James
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lol if its any help if i run infantry platoons usually its purely to use 15 lascannons per choice hehehe. If you see that coming know that creed follows lol
Hey Chris! Enjoyed playing your guard over the weekend, the lotsalotsa lascannons worked well for you and not so well for my light armour!

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