My Ork Converted Painboy
So here he is finally finished and I must admit I'm really happy with the results, from the outset I really want him to come across as if he was already operating on nearby victims, something that comes across very easily when the model he stands in the unit.

[Image: 219769_sm-Orks,%20My%20ork%20Painboy.JPG]

I think he needs some little helpers running around to his feet, to make him look more dangerous to the other nearby and maybe a little bit more green stuff to do to make more scars. from this angle you can see I have used a beakie backpack which works very well in giving the model much-needed size

What I have learned :rolleyes
Not very long ago when the old ork book was out, I converted a unit of ork cyborgs,
and I think I'm going to finish the project making them into a new 12 ork strong truckaboy squad with converted ambulance as their transport.
I will also do a new painboy as the nob.

What I would do differently :!
In this project he's not very big, and as you will no doubt know, big is best so in the future, I will probably do a another one which is a little bit more menacing height wise.
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