Blue Spraypaint
Hello, I have alot of Lizardmen to paint and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get blue spray primer that I could use as a base coat to speed the painting process up Big Grin.

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try a diy store or else halfords maybe?
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I'd suggest a modelling shop. Most do small spray cans and Humbrol sprays offer a few options of blue.

might be of some help Nikki Smile
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I've found B&Q/homebase's primer sprays work well, you do them over the model, then blue wash the enitre model then paint on the details savnig tons of hours in time.
Most websites won't post due to shipping laws, Halfords probably a good bet
Army painter from waylands do ship spray paint to here. Its via ferry rather than airmail so can take a few more days to arrive.
That's good, wish other companies would have same service to NI
Maelstrom also ship areosol cans to NI. And Arkham Gaming Centre stock Army Painter products.

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