Friday night gaming returns! 16th feb

This coming friday our friday nights return!

The much asked for friday evenings begin this coming friday as a trial run. The question ive been asked most is already when is the next one. The answer to be honest is, that we are going to run them on a friday by friday basis. So due to what happened before with fridays happens where nobody shows up then there will not be another. So as long as they stay popular we will aim to have them once again one friday per month.

Which friday each month you ask? Well it will be whatever date we can get the hall that hasnt already been booked. As for price, we used to have them all for free however, it will have to be regular attendance fee’s at the moment sorry!

What games will be on???????

Well all the RPG people are coming out of the woodwork and also there seems to be plans for some smaller skirmish games and also people looking to play board games. It would be best if you got in touch with them ASAP as some are only planning on attending if they have someone to play with/against.

Where do i contact or post up game arranging??

Usual spots-

Game arranging group on facebook –

The event created on facebook as a one off for this day –

Or you can post on our forums, however they are getting less and less attention as facebook becomes more and more popular for our users.