Friday nights

Due to lack of interest from members LGC no longer offers friday night openings or even the free friday night openings any longer.

An odd, rare one may appear if it suits a tournament or even planned.  All will be announced on our forums.


If you wish to suggest or try to get LGC to restart the fridays, please take to our forums and discuss with committee and members.


Once a month LGC opens on a friday evening aswell for a few hours of gaming goodness. This is to help out for people who want to run longer games (friday into saturday) and for people who cant always attend saturdays.

Over the last few friday evening sessions RPG’s, Board Games and even a few trading card games have been increasing in numbers. This is probably due to it being a little quieter. In saying that the usual tabletop wargames still happen, just alot more of the other games are played on friday evenings.

So why not come down and see us! We are open 7.30pm -11.30pm any friday night we are open. Below is a list of our friday evenings for this year, or else you can view our events calendar for our full planned events.

8th August

5th September

3rd October

31st October

28th November

And just to remind people that is the first friday of every month (when available, other than that its one of the first)

Why not arrange a game for a friday night if your coming down, you could do that here.