Gaming Club Network

Since October 2012, Lisburn Gaming has been a proud member of the Gaming Club Network (GCN).  Also in December 2013, our chairperson, Colin, became the regional GCN co-ordinator for N.Ireland.


What is GCN?

The Gaming Club Network (GCN) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1999 to assist clubs and individuals who are interested in gaming.  They do this with clubs joining their network.  GCN then creates a communication platformfor clubs, enabling them to promote themselves in more various locations and also their events and also help businesses support clubs involved locally and nationally.


How does GCN help my club?

Being a part of the GCN network helps your club, (in this case LGC) firstly by letting us advertise our club in local GW stores (GW Belfast), on the GW website (see this as proof).  Secondly GCN talks to games companies and businesses to see if they can do offers etc for their clubs and they offer discounts or demo packs etc.


How Does GCN help me?

If you are a LGC membership card holder you are entitled to discounts at various websites, because of GCN (check here for more info).  Also LGC has previously and continues to recieve demo packs etc from companies to help introduce people to new games.


For more info on GCN check out their website or else their facebook, or even the GCN NI region facebook.