Honorary members

This page is dedicated to some of our members, who have really went out of their way to help the club grow and keep going for whatever reason. So to thank them for the help, we have gave them a fancy title of honorary members and given them a few minor benefits for being awesome!

Check here for honorary members FAQ

Name – Bill

Forum Name – TenaciousB

Inducted – July 2011

Contribution – Bill from the start has been keen to help out, he takes all the club’s photos, does any required filming, handles the clubs youtube, records and edits the podcasts and very recently became a webmaster for the club, by designing the current layout for the website and helps keep it all up and running.

Roles – Currently one of the webmasters, Records and edits podcasts and is the club photographer

Name – Nathan

Forum Name – Nc89

Inducted – April 2013

Contribution – Nathan is a former committee member who successfully completed a full term. Since first coming to the club he has rarely missed a week. Nathan continues to help out at the club, like he is an additional committee member. He has also been helping run the 40k league, checking lists and being a stand in for games. Nathan also continues to this day to help set up and pack up. On top of all of these things Nathan represents LGC in 40k leagues.

Name – Gary

Forum Name – Necrongaz

Inducted – April 2012

Contribution – Gary has been regulary attending LGC ever since Jan 2011, and he has rarely ever missed a week. He regulary comes down with a case full of games including Warhammer 40,000 and Zombies! Gary willingly plays anyone at 40k and has more often than enough played anyone at very short notice. Gary hosts many games of Zombies! and has bought alot of the addons just to make it more interesting for the guys. Gary also stepped in at the last minute to help us out in our first 40k league after someone pulled out half way through. He has also represented LGC at our first Interclub event against Arkham in Feb 2012. On top of all of this Gary has also donated many games and books to LGC and we thank him very much for this.

Name – Bob

Forum Name – drunkbobnopants

Inducted – April 2013

Contribution – Bob is a former committee member who successfully completed a full term. Bob has also continued his services towards LGC by staying on as the LGC interclub and events rep. Bob has set up, and ran many of our events be it interclub or even just event days for fun. Bob also helps with building and painting scenery for LGC.

Name – John

Forum Name – PostyJohn

Inducted – April 2014

Contribution – PostyJohn has attended LGC now for a few years and he rarely misses a weekend of gaming!  John has been very keen to help run beginners through 40k games or else will sit with them and help them play their army. John also actively runs board games at LGC Zombicide mainly and will even bring some of his own games down to the club.

LGC 1-10-2011 (1 of 7)

Name – Adam

Forum Name -Psyionic

Inducted – April 2014 (April 2011-13 Originally)

Contribution – Adam has always been a valued member of LGC, always helping out setting up, printing anything that needed printed and he even organises LGC merchandise orders.  He was the 2nd member to ever be given the title of honorary member.  Adam also stepped up to become part of the committee in 2013 and do his part to help the club for a term.

lgc 3-10-2012 (4 of 7)

Name – Nikki

Forum Name -Nikki

Inducted – April 2014

Contribution – Nikki is a former committee member, having completed two terms.  She continue to attend the club most weeks and will help bring assests/terrain etc to and from the club.  As well as doing odds and ends to help out.

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Name – Jonny

Forum Name -BGJ

Inducted – April 2015

Contribution – coming soon

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Name – William

Forum Name –

Inducted – April 2015

Contribution – coming soon