LGC Newsletter 06-02-14

Hey Folks
Friday Opening
This friday coming 7th Feb is our next friday opening (7.30pm – 11.30pm) Looks like it could be a very busy and promising Friday night opening. So far planned seems to be:
Deathwatch – Character upgrades & mission briefing
Bolt Action Demo
40k a few games
Deadzone – Jonny down doing another demo
and hopefully more check out the game arranging to see whats going on http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=4521 or else the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/208545712676022/
40k League
So guys we are having the final game of the group stages this coming weekend, then all will be able to begin their games. Have you saw your fixtures yet? http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/warhammer-40k-2013-14-league/
Dreadball League
So we are getting the games for the final round played. At the moment they are still being chosen, keep an eye out to see who you get or else you can wait for me to contact you for you to choose who youn play next.
Bloodbowl League
Season 2 of the LGC Blood Bowl League is ready to kick off, with nine teams battling it out to be crowned champions. Early favourites in Group A are Reroll’s Wood Elves, if he can keep his Wardancers alive that is. Iridivus’s Dark Elves and Colmo’s Chaos Pact could also be be dark horses for a place in the play-offs.
Group B sees the return of Captain Denaro’s Dwarves, who will be hoping to build on a strong pre-season. With Morglum’s poo-flinging Apes and GJP’s secret-weapon-welding Goblins, this is shaping up to be the craziest/bloodiest group yet!
With chainsaws, wizards, deathrollers, gorillas, assassins and trolls on the pitch, anything can happen. Lets play Blood Bowl!
Anyone interested in signing up is still very welcome, just post on the Blood Bowl section of the forums”
Response to my open letter
If you havent already read it you can go here http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/a-honest-and-open-letter-to-all-lgc-members/. The Response has been great! i thank alot of you guys for offering to help out. Those few who offered to be future committee members, i have spoke to you in person already and i should be due to speak to you all again. Those of you who have put your names down as volunteers, be it to set up, pack up or help us paint our minis etc thank you. Its a little early at the moment for us to be calling on you and we dont intend to all that often its just nice to have people to be there when we need them. But once again thanks, it shows many of you have passion and how much you like our little club and it means alot to me anyway as a founder.