LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

LGC Newsletter 18-11-16

Hola Everyone!

Xmas Closure

LGC’s final gaming day is 3rd Dec 2016.  That will be us closed for xmas and we will reopen 7th Jan 2017!


3rd Dec

On this day LGC will host two different tournaments at once. We will still open for all of our members however, we will be really limited for table space. We will be forced to give priority to those who have let us know they are coming down via the game arranging on the forums or on the facebook page. Those who do not may have to wait on a table becoming free as we would be unaware of you coming down and not have planned for you. On this day i believe there should be a lot of focus on board games from several people.


X-Wing league

Those in the league get your games in asap. Speak to Bryan if you have any issues.


Necromunda league

I know we keep saying it, hower we have discussed this. Once our terrian is repaired we have big plans to move on with this. Those interested will be given a time limit to get their interest declared


Bloodbowl League

Next year we run one with the new one coming out?


Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 events

New year should see a new campaign for BA and possibly something for Konflikt too!


Website Updates

During the closure of LGC, the website and forums and facebook page will all be getting big updates. Any suggestions etc let me know and we shall see what can be done.