LGC Newsletter 8-1-14

Hey Hey Hey!
Happy new year to all! First newsletter of the year and yes its a big one!
please bare with me guys!

Club Returns
This saturday (11th Jan) is the first saturday back for LGC. We will be open
9am-6pm as per usual. We would love to see you there! Its looking like there
should be a good lot of 40k, some deadzone, zombicide, warhammer fantasy and
hopefully dreadball too! So why not come on down for a few games of
something! http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=4473
Also on a side note guys there is a guy calling down this saturday from a
local website, he is looking to do a peice on the club about its members and
committee and just really the social side of everything, he may wish to
speak to a few people, if anyone is happy enough with that it would be

Website update
You may have seen that our website is in a state of repair, we are moving
everything over to wordpress to make things easier and also give us the
ability to add a few nice features including intergrating a blog directly to
the site, please bare with us over the next few days while we get everythign
back in order. Forums still work though!

At the end of last year we asked for feedback on the friday nights, the
committee have decided that since people claim they did not know about the
schedule and pattern to the fridays they didnt come, we will then run
fridays for a few months and we will make a decision on if we will continue
to run them based on that.
The fridays for this year will be as follows:
7th feburary
7th march
4th april
2nd may
And just to remind people that is the first friday of every month

40k league
The league is doing incredibly well! i did a in depth thread on the forums
about it so far and also the outstanding games
Remaining games are:
Gary (Meleth) vs John (ImperialJ)
Gary (Meleth) vs John (Son of Russ)
Marty (Marty91) vs Chris (Ruddworth)
Colin (Wolfie) vs Scotty (Scotty)
Colin (Wolfie) vs Mike (Myk)
Glenn (rangerglenn) vs William (Vilrowan)
William (Vilrowan) vs Andy (Elixier)
Andy (Elixier) vs Stephen (Stephen Padraig Taylor)
Guys please talk to eachother and get these games ocmpleted before the end
of Jan!

Dreadball League
Yes i know round 4 feels like is has been going on forever, there are still
4 games outstanding! I have once again contacted all concerned. Please get
these games completed guys after this there is only 1 more game for everyone
and league is over! we are nearly there!

Fantasy Campaign
Due to the severe lack of commitment from so many involved in this the
campaign is being scrapped. For anbyone still interested a small fantasy
league is getting created in its place.

New order for clothes is up for if you want anything

New Committee Members
We are currently looking for anyone who would be intersted in becoming
committee members, please read this
http://www.lisburn-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=4480 and let me
know if you are interested.

Like the committee members we are also looking for a few volunteers if
anyone out there is keen on helping out once in awhile

New Stuff
In the xmas break we got a few things added to the club and a few thigns
worked on, they are as follows:
-Deadzone demo kit
-Club space marine army now fully painted
-Zombicide addon ordered
-Space marine codex ordered

Cheers guys i know that was long but massive updated needed! See you all
hopefully this weekend or else soon!