Luchador Wrestling Dice Game for International Tabletop Day Charity event



Event – Luchador – mexican wrestling dice (for Internation Tabletop day)

Date – 5th April 2014 (9am-6pm)

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Entry Fee – (£3.50 for everyone) – A portion of your entry fee will be donated towards the local branch of PDSA (

Location – Laganview enterprise centre ( for directions)

Age Range – All Ages! but under 12s will require adult supervision!

Event Details – On top of our regular wargaming/gaming fun, the Guys from Backspindle Games ( are coming down and running a knockout tag team tournament for their latest game Luchador – mexican wrestling dice (  With recorded entrances, entrance music, recorded interviews and then the game itself we are hoping alot of people will get in the spirit of this event, make fools of themselves for charity and have a great time.  Dressing up isnt mandatory but it is heavily encouraged!

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Can i come down and watch?



How long does this take?

The Game can take up to 20mins just to play one game and if you win then a further game(s) will be required.


Is it easy to pick up the rules?

Yes incredibly, you only need to be able to roll dice to be able to play!


Can i play another game at same time?

Yes, come down for your regular wargaming/board gaming/console fun and you can pause that to play your match.


Are there prizes?

There will be a few on the day


How do you play this game?

The Game Explained
I played the game almost a year ago. And i will explain it as best as i can….theres a wrestling ring which is your game board. each player thats fighting in the ring at the same time roll dice. They are aming to get blocks & hits from their dice, but at the same time trying to knock out their opponents dice from the ring as only the dice that finish inside the ring count. If they win with more hits etc then they get to do a special move onto their opponent and ware him down until they are able to pin (as each player has a stat card with health etc). The game is very interactive and fun, you do not need to enjoy wrestling or know anythign about it to love this game. Other great features is that if you want to tag you out must actually slap hands with your partner! also when you pin someone everyone at the table must slap the table and count to three while the pinned player tries to break out. Very loud and very fun. Its simple and takes very little time to play. The rules are simple, it can get noisey as you get caught up in it all and the fun takes over!


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