Mordheim Beginner Campaign

mordheim beginner campaign

Last Updated 27-2-15

Up to date Warband Rosters & Ranking Order – Here

All current turn details – Here

All Previous turn(s) details – Here (link coming soon)

Mordheim Campaign Rules

With interest in Mordheim coming from people who used to play long ago and from people entirely new to the game, we are making our first Mordheim campaign a basic one, for beginners.  We have taken parts from our previous campaigns and leagues (mainly dreadball and bolt action) to hopefully make this campaign basic, simple and easy for all involved.


Start Date – March 2015


Rulespack contents
– Main Rules
– The Warbands
– Rosters
– The Rounds
– The Games
– Questions
– Useful links
– Signed up Players/Warbands
– FAQ’d Items

Main Rules
– All games to be played at LGC
-Players only allowed 1 warband each
-Warbands start with 500 Gold; they can then be expanded on as the campaign moves on.
– The campaign will start will last 5 games only.
-Players will be given a maximum of one month per round to play their games.  The campaign organiser (me) holds the right to remove anyone at any point from the campaign.
– Hired swords and Dramatis Personae will not be a part of this beginner campaign. with the one exception of rolling 6,6,6 on the exploration chart, however you may only have the hired sword for one battle only.
The Warbands
We are allowing two of the types of Warbands in the campaign.  Official warbands, those were allowed in Mordheim tournaments and were made official by GW.  The other is unofficial, which is mainly warbands that where in campaign books etc.  The list below are, the only warbands that will be allowed to be used in our campaign:
Official Warbands
•    Averland Mercenaries
•    Beastmen Raiders
•    Carnival of Chaos
•    Cult of the Possessed
•    Dwarf Treasure Hunters
•    Kislevite Warband
•    Marienburg Mercenaries
•    Middenheim Mercenaries
•    Orcs & Goblins Hordes
•    Ostander Mercenaries
•    Reikland Mercenaries
•    Sisters of Sigmar
•    Skaven Warband
•    Undead
•    Witch Hunters

Unofficial Warbands
•    Amazon Warriors
•    Bretonnian Knights
•    Dark Elves Warband
•    Lizardmen Warriors
•    Norse Warband
•    Pirate Crew
•    Pit Fighters
•    Shadow Warriors
•    The Outlaws of Stirwood Forest
•    Tomb Guardians

Any other Warbands such as:
Albion Barbarian Tribe, Assassin Squad, Circus Extraordinaire, Druchii Warband, Halfling Warband, Mordheimers’ Fanatics, Night Goblins Warband, Ogre Warband and Wood Elves

For rules for each check the links part of this rulespack.

Each warband has a warband rating which is simply the number in their warband multiplied by 5 plus the accumulated experience.
– Warband ratings will go up after battles when surviving warriors gain new experience.

The Rosters
At the beginning of the campaign, all players will be required to submit a detailed roster of their warband.  This will include items bought for each etc and a detailed total of points.  It will also require the player to give the warband a name and their heroes etc names. (Note- Magic must be rolled infront of campaign organiser at the beginning of the campaign and any following spells also must be done the same)

At the end of each round/game it will be up to players to inform the campaign organisers, regarding updates to their rosters (injuries, money, deaths and experience etc).  Any rolls that are required after games, must be witnessed by an LGC Committee member.

The campaign organiser will keep a track and a copy of all rosters.
For a look at an online roster to help you out go here –
Yes you will need rulebook etc to help you out but when you fill it out please save a copy for yourself and also email a copy to me at Alternatively, you could use the club Laptop to fill this out / update so you do not require having to send emails etc.

The rounds
– As stated before there will be 5 rounds in this campaign.  The games within the round will have a maximum of 1 month to be played.
– Each player will only be required to play one game per round.
– In the first round, it will be a multiplayer game (with a scenerio prepicked by campaign organiser).  Depending on numbers taking part in campaign, there will be a few games held for more than 2 players to all play in.
– Rounds 2-4 will be 1 on 1 (scenarios rolled form the paperback rulebook at club).
– The final round will again be a multiplayer game (with a scenerio prepicked by campaign organiser). With people of similar rank etc will be playing off against each other. E.g. top 4 to declare winner and the final 4 to define the loser.
– The warbands will be ranked in a league type system so that there is a way to measure who is winning.
– When it comes to the 1 v 1 in rounds 2-4 it will work like dreadball, were working from the lowest ranked players upwards they get to pick their opponents.

The Games
As many are new we will explain the game order.
– The games will begin with the players picking a random scenario from the rules.
– They will battle
– At the end of each game, players work out experience and how much wyrdstone their gang found.
– Experience is earned for heroes and henchmen for surviving each game.  When they receive enough experience they can advance, which adds to the characters abilites or skills.
– Wyrdstone that is collected can be eventually sold for gold, or used in trading or hiring new members for their gang or for buying new equipment and gear.

Each warband has a warband rating which is simply the number in their warband multiplied by 5 plus the accumulated experience.
– Warband ratings will go up after battles when surviving warriors gain new experience.

On the LGC forums we have set up a thread for you all to ask your questions for the campaign –
Also use the Mordheim general forum for rules questions –

We will update this rulespack if and when needed as questions clarify things etc.
Useful Links
– – Full of information on Mordheim, helping you out with rules and info on warbands etc.
– Online rosters – -Mordheim-roster-sheet
– PDF’s of all Mordheim rules etc, including warbands etc –
-Online rulebook –,d.d24
– Playsheet (helpful for those still getting to grips with the game) –
Signed up Players/Warbands
Player       –       Warband       –    Warband Name
Colin(wolfie)      –        Undead       –        Necro Larry and the Necrofeeliacs  (list submitted and magic witnessed)
Bryan(Reroll)      –       Witch Hunters        –      Die Hexenjager (list submitted) (prayer needs witnessed)
Roger(roger campbell)   –   Nuln engineers   –   Powder Burns (list submitted)
Chris(ruddworth)   –   lizardmen    –   Jurassic Park (list submitted and magic witnessed)
Chris G(Galloway612)   –   Shadow warriors   –   Shadows of Khaine  (list submitted and magic witnessed) * needs fixed
Barry(Eratu3)   –   skaven   –   The Hidden Claws of Doooommmm!!(list submitted and magic witnessed)
Andy B(Elixier)   –   Orcs & Goblins   –   ‘eadbeaters (list submitted)
Steven(Morglum)   –   Orcs   –   Da Greenz * still need list
Mark(Iridivus)   –   Bretonnian Knights   –   No Surrender Monkeys (list Submitted)
Chris Cambridge(Malimar)   –   Beastmen   –   Cedric and the NiGor Specials (list submitted and magic witnessed)
Mike(rayharryhausen)   –   Averland   –   The Hawkeyes (list submitted)
Nikki(Nikki)    –   Dwarfs   –    Thorin’s Company (list submitted)
Alan(Jonto81)   –   Skaven   –   Black Sewer Runners (list Submitted)
Jonny(BGJ)   –    Marienburg Mercenaries   –   The flame sharkfin posse (list submitted)

FAQ’d Items
Question: Where do the games have to be played?
Answer: As stated in rules, games must be played at LGC

Question: The rulebook linked in this thread, differs to the rulebook at the club etc, which rulebook do we use?
Answer: The rulebook linked in this post, is an online up to date version of the rules, which alreay has previously FAQ’d problems etc all ammended in it.  So we will use it as our main rules, however the rulebook at the club is intended to be a source for peopel to read and use in person.  It should mainly be fine on using. However any rules that differ between the link rulebook and the paperback versions, we will go by what is mentioned in the linked rulebook above.

Question: Do i get to add skills etc with starting expericnce of my heroes?
Answer: No, you just mark off your starting experience on the table of boxes and that is just where your character starts with reguards to experience, as that helps work out your warband rating.

Question: Can i write my roster on paper and just give it to you?
Answer: You can certainly keep a copy for yourself on paper however i would like a copy of your roster via email so i can update through computer etc to make my life easier.  I have a word document for you to fill in to help out (props to mike) Fill that out and email it to me at

Question: Can i disband my warband and start a new one?
Answer: Yes but please discuss the matter with myself before you do.

Question: How do i know how many models i need to lose to rout?
Its “25% or more out of action”. So the numbers you need to lose are as follows:
Gang size 1 to 4: Take tests after 1 out of action
Gang size 5 to 8: 2 ooa
Gang size 9 to 12: 3 ooa
Gang size 13 to 15: 4 ooa