Operation: Irish Summer

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Tournament Name – Operation: Irish Summer

Game system – Bolt Action

Date – 28th November 2015

Venue – Lisburn Gaming Club (laganview enterprise centre)

RulespackRulespack here

Info – Operation: Irish Summer, is LGC’s 2nd annual Bolt Action tournament which is looking to even bigger than the previous years tournament.  This is also LGC’s first lone tournament with no other club supporting.  This time many gaming companies where willing to help us out with prize support etc.  The companies are:


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Prizes – Prizes are as follows

1st place – Trophy, Gold LGC Winner Dice, $50 Trenchworx voucher and 1st army pick + choice of AGN objective marker pack.
2nd prize – Trophy, $30 Trenchworx voucher and 2nd army pick + choice of AGN objective marker pack.
3rd prize – Trophy, $20 Trenchworx voucher and 3rd army pick + choice of AGN objective marker pack.
Army pick – German – Plastic Fallschirmjaeger set, Stug and Hanomag.                   Soviet – Plastic Soviet Infantry set and AGN T-35 tank.                   American – US Marines set, M4 Sherman and M21 Carrier.
Wooden Spoon – AGN log bunkers and Comedy Losers Mug and loser’s dice.
Most Bloodthirsty Commander (pts for) – M8 Scott.
Worst Meatgrinder (pts against) – A15 Crusader.
Best Painted – Army Painter Set.
1st Arty/Airstrike FUBAR – Fubeer (free beer)
1st 2 morale FUBAR’s – Orders dice sets.
First 2 Sniper kills – Female Sniper fig x 2
Next 9 players after top 3 get to choose an AGN objective marker pack.
Everyone gets a Historique Barrage counter

For those ranked 16-23 – a pack of infantry models from Black Tree Miniatures
First person to blow up a building – A pack of dead livestock for the
First table to finish game 1 – Pack of Bolt Action Top Trumps each
First person to lose a unit to being pinned out by more pins than their morale – 10 custom pin markers
Pictures of Prizes so far  – here