These are the rules for all members who attend the club in person:

-Respect the LaganView staff and property.

-Respect LGC members and property.

-Fees must be paid on admission to play.

-No drugs.

-No Solvent Abuse.

-No Abusive behaviour towards committee or other members.

-No racist, sectarian remarks or other discriminatory remarks.

-Smoking outside in smoker’s area, please use ashtrays provided!

-In-game rules decisions must be sorted by either the players involved or LGC Committee, unless asked by the players to contribute.

-Any model repping, must be told to your opponent at the beginning of a game.

-The use of house rules must be agreed at the start of a game.

-Anyone wishing to use dishes must clean and tidy them away when finished.

-Only food that will not mark the gaming sheets is permitted directly at the tables.

-Committee decisions are FINAL!



The rules regarding the use of our website are:

-Respect all other members and LGC Committee members at all times.

-Please keep the use of strong language to a minimum.

-The use of any pornographic images is prohibited.

-Any form of offensive language or any form of harrassment towards any member on our forums will instantly removed, with the guilty party possible facing a temporary ban.

-Any form of slander towards the committee or the club will also be instantly removed.



Failure to comply with LGC rules may lead to disciplinary process which consists of:

Verbal Warning


Indefinite Ban

The Lisburn Gaming Club is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged property*
Entrance is granted at the discretion of LGC Committee members.
Signing in at the club, is a formal declaration of agreeing to abide to all rules/code of conduct
*Any intentional destruction of property will incure a fine, membership suspension and further action pending a committee review*