The games we play

What Games Are Played?

At Lisburn Gaming Club, we do not like to restrict the games that are played or even specify to people what games should be played. We like our members to have freedom of choice over the games that are played at the club.

However, our most played games at LGC are:

  • -Warhammer 40,000
  • -Bolt Action
  • -Warhammer Fantasy
  • -Dreadball
  • -Bloodbowl
  • Deadzone

Board games that LGC owns and that are played are:

  • -Zombicide
  • -Zombies!
  • -Battlestar Galatica Board Game
  • -Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice
  • -Guards! Guards!
  • -Space Hulk

If a game you play is not anywhere on our lists, then do not hesitate on bringing it down, we love to learn new game systems and just try something new in general.

There are also some games like Dungeons and Dragons, Twilight Imperium and many others which make an occassional appearance at the club, but are not something we would really call regular.