Warhammer 40k 2013-14 League

League is now over,

Alan Won the Givers league



Roger won the takers league



For the rest of the details on the league, check below:


The Givers league fixtures are here

The Givers league standings are here

The Takers league fixtures are here

The Takers league standings are here


Standings for group stages are here.

The Rules are detailed below:

Starts: Oct 2013
Ends: June 2014

Ruleset – 40k 6th edition

WYSIWYG will not be enforced but models must be clearly identifable. Proxies must be clearly defined (In particular, this will affect “Power Sword” and “Power Axe” models due to 6th edition rules). If you are using “stand-in” models you must state what their wargear is and make them “stand-out” from the other models. Example: if using a Lascannon Marine as a Missle Launcher Marine, the model should have a distinguishing mark/color.

Models do not have to be painted.

Forgeworld models can be used. Forgeworld rules can be used for these models if the following applies: 1) The model is a Forgeworld Model and not a “stand-in” or proxy 2) the Forgeworld DataSheet has a “Offical 40,000” stamp.

Victory conditions from the 6th Edition rulebook as defined by mission.

Wins: 5 points
Draws: 3 Points
Loss: 1 point

Army Points:
1850 points based on current codex army list costs.

Force Organisation:
FoC Chart based on army and allies are allowed as stated in 6th edition rules using the allies matrix.

Army choice:
You may select one Codex for the duration of the league. If you wish to change codex after playing at least one game you must put the request forward for vote by the other players of the league. New Codices released during the league can be used but only one month after the initial release date.

Allies can be changed from game to game in accordance with the allies matrix from the 6th edition rulebook.

Army Lists:
Army lists can be drawn up for each game, before deployment/game type is rolled for and submitted after the match. Please note that these need to be written or printed out for you opponent to review. A list found to be illegal after the match will result in a forfeit by the offending player and full victory points awarded to their opponent. If both lists are illegal the game will be voided and a rematch to be played within one month of the forfeited game.

Rule Disputes:
Disputes should be settled by consulting the Big Rule Book (BRB), most recent FAQs from the GW website and, if not resolved, a dice roll off by a neutral party (grab someone to chuck a dice at the table).

This is the bit i am the most excited about, depending on the amount of sign ups we have, this is how it will go…

Firstly, the LGC committee will rank all of the sign ups, based on previous league and torunament standings and also knowledge of the game. Based on rankings we do a draw and make groups stages (4 guys per group), with two high ranked guys and two lower ranked guys in each one. The group stages then play eachother (so 3 games).

Once the 3 games are played, the top 2 players of each group go into one league and the bottom two players go into another league. So this will mean the leagues should contain closer competition for those in them. Each league will then consist of players playing 5 games. So not only will we have a closer competition for everyone but, we will have two winners! If you think like one league being the champions league and the other being the europa league.

Group Games will be up to each player to arrange all three themselves. Then the league games may be randomly generated (depending on numbers of sign ups). Players will know these all at once and can arrange them for whenever they like.

The League will start in one of the first few weeks of October and last until Dec or maybe even end of Jan, to allow all to play their 4 games.

The leagues would then last from the start of Jan/Feb, until possibly June.

FAQ’s – Linky link here